Schweighofen in the Time of French Revolution

To bring the little village in connection with the major world events is certainly something audacious.  The “new ideas” of this time had not especially excited the community and its residents.  However, the years between 1789 and 1795 did leave their footprints...

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Migration from Schweighofen

The Palatinate was known already in the 18th century to be a source of emigrants.  More than twenty years after the settlement of the first Germans in the vicinity of Philadelphia (1683) and the founding of Germantown, the first mass-migration from the German southwest to North America took place in 1709.  Thousands of Germans followed through the port of Rotterdam in the 1730's and 1740's, above all, Palatinate emigrants who established themselves in the English colonies of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  The American emigration from the Palatinate continued until the beginning of the American War of Independence (1775)...

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Excerpts from "Schweighofen - Ein Dorf im Viehstrich 1311 - 2011" ©Ortsgemeinde Schweighofen 2011

Translation: James Clarence Gill